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Our innovative approach using the latest technology and AI will help you save valuable time and money finding the best people for your company. At Sage Staffing we can find you quality candidates faster and for far less then using a typical recruiter!

Small Business

As a small business owner you don't have the time to sift through hundreds of resumes.  The right employees for your business should be as unique as your company. We will find the right people and you meet with only the best candidates.

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Home Healthcare

Locating the right caregivers and office support is critical to providing quality care for your clients. We can source individuals with the appropriate licenses who will fit best in your organization.

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Security Officers

Having dependable security officers with the right credentials is often challenging for security companies with a large client base. We have the screening tools you need to find the right guards for your locations.

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Finding the right employees to serve your customers is critical. Having the right people who are dependable and focused on creating the right experience matters most and we can help you find them.

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Medical Offices

Locating people with the right skills to assist you in taking care of your patients is no easy task. Whether it's an office manager, clerical or nursing specialists you need we can help identify the best candidates to fill these valuable roles.

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Who We Are - What We Do

We've revolutionized how recruiting works:

In the past, recruiters were highly compensated for sourcing people to fill roles at companies. Today there are so many different ways to find applicants, and it can be challenging to find quality people with the right skills to fill important the roles at your company.

We access all of the latest technology and job search sites to attract plenty of applicants, then vet each candidate against the specific jobs that you have to help find the right match.

And yes, we do all of this for far less than a typical recruiter.





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We would welcome the opportunity to see how we can help you find the right employees!