- Finding the right -
Janitorial Employees

Save Time

You're busy managing all of the different parts of your company and the staffing needs of your company can seem like a full time job.  We can help by dedicating a team to finding the right employees to fill shifts for your clients.

Finding Quality Employees

As you compete for new business with other clients how you deliver your services is a major part of what you do. In this business - that means having the right people represent your company and doing the best job as they represent your company.

A Crowded Market

Finding the most qualified people to fill the open roles at your company may seem a little daunting. Many janitorial workers may switch companies often. Finding the right employees who will be loyal to your brand is challenging and we understand that completely.

Understand Your Hiring Needs and Locations Where You Are Hiring

We Begin the Process of Sourcing Potential Employees With the Skills and Experience You Need

We Will Vet Applicants for Work Experience and Skills and Then Schedule Interviews

Janitorial Services Recruiting Model

$499 Monthly Retainer (Plus Per Hire Fee) per Month
  • Creat Job Descriptions
  • Place ads and marketing for open positions
  • Vet all applicants and compare with required skills
  • Schedule Interviews
  • Negotiated pricing based on number of hires per month