Small Business

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Small Businesses


Save Time

No small business owner likes to look through tons of resumes when they have an open position. We will handle the entire process for you including creating the job description, starting to search, and scheduling the right candidates for your open positions.

Searching for Candidates

Finding the right fit for your office is one of the most important parts of being able to locate the best candidates. Our proprietary system of attracting qualified people ensures that we can find more of the right candidates to give you access to the best people.

You Pay Less

One benefit of the way that we source candidates is that it's cheaper for us to do this, and we want to pass that savings back to you. We are also one of the leading marketing companies in the US, and with those skills we've been able to reinvent how recruiting is done!

First We Look to Understand Your Unique Business and Start Candidate Search

We Will Then Source Qualified Candidates and Identify People Who May Fit Best

Schedule Candidates For Interviews With You, and Provide Behavioral Profiles For Your Top Candidates  

Small Business Recruiting Platform

$499 (Plus Per Hire Fee)
  • Create Job Description
  • Start Sourcing Candidates
  • Screening of Candidates
  • Schedule Interviews
  • DISC profiles for top Candidates
  • Upon Hire: Payments Range From 9 to 11% of First Year Salary